New OTS cabs to compete with Ola and Uber!

The new cab service in Chennai gears up to take on Ola and Uber. The city is to witness the serious competition with both Ola and Uber by introducing OTS cab service in Chennai. OTS , simply called as Ottunar Thozhargal Sangam , indicates the association of drivers. The android application for OTS cabs was launched on Tuesday.

The advantage in OTS cabs is standard pricing. It provides four types of transport options available- auto, mini, sedan and XUV.

The price for mini cab is ₹80 for a minimum of 4km and ₹100 for sedan. ₹14 and ₹16 for every additional km in mini and sedan. For SUV, the rate card is ₹200 for first 4km and ₹22 will be charged for every additional km, and a waiting charge of ₹2 per minute.

Initially, the OTS cabs have planned to operate with more than 1800 cars throughout the city by providing the good incentives for drivers. With OTS cabs, the drivers will be charged 7% along with the GST 5%.Whereas other cab aggregators collect 20% of the total earnings of the drivers as commission including GST.

App download link:



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